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What exactly we do?

We help customers to identify their problem statement, find right solutions and utilize the existing systems, tools and infrastructure.
What we do

  • IT consulting on the problem statements and areas to optimize.
  • Building custom solutions and products for the customers.
  • Providing prototyping on the visionary solutions and ideas.
  • Enabling integration platform, data migration platform, data insight platform, SaaS platform and mobile platform.

How we do It?

Having right set of experience in providing solutions on complex problem statement.
Our technical expertise is a key of delivering the value to the customers.
We are adaptive for world class tools, technologies and processes which make us successful!

Why we do It?

Our goal is to provide value in every type of work we are doing for customer.
Utilization and optimization of existing systems, tools and applications is our focus.
We have passion to deliver solutions on complex needs by arranging technologies together!


We are serving capabilities and technologies to our customers. We help customers to get the right resources in order to deliver the values, custom software/mobile application design, development, product development, data migration, analytics and support services.



We helps small and big firms to grow by shaping their new business ideas and providing channels for further growth.

Based on the client requirements we understand what customer wants and will the end user be benefitted from the newly developed software.

We also help customers to prepare RFPs.

Corporate Design / Branding


When it comes to the visions and ideas, we help to design bespoke solutions, creating prototype and running pilot.

This helps customer to understand if the vision or idea would be worth, feasible and usable to implement across the enterprise.

Webdesign & Development

Software Development

With the help of Agile methodology we are delivering value to the customer in each release for custom software development.

If you have an idea or a vision to develop a product or a SaaS platform, yes! We can certainly help you with the expertise and experience we have.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

This era is Mobile based application’s era! We help customers to add value using iOS and Android platform.

To have mobile based applications not only to extend the current capability over mobile but also new features and use cases to provide better usability to the end user.

Data Migration and Data Analytics

Data Migration and Data Analytics

Converting and transforming data from one schema to another is a challenge. Our expertise help to make it successful.

Having good data is a mine of gems and it will help to understand the current situations, forecast trends and make critical business, operations decisions. Our data analytical expertise is adding value to the existing data by analyzing data correctly.

Software and System Support

Software and System Support

Managing and maintaining software, mobile applications and systems are part of support. We have certified expertise with world class standards and processes which makes our clients happy!

Optimization and automization is our focus while providing maintenance services.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

We help our customers procuring, managing and maintaining multiple kind of IT infrastructure on-premise, hybrid cloud, private cloud and public cloud for applications, products and SaaS platforms.

We have expertise over Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle clouds.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Most software projects fail completely or partially because they don’t meet all their requirements. Our expertise provides a comprehensive processes and experience that help you eradicate the risk of failure.

We not only provide services but we take the ownership for the successful delivery.

Capability and Skills

Capability and Skills

We have experienced and expert professionals with various skills sets, tools and processes who can assist our customers to make IT successful.

If you have leaders, we enable onshore, offshore capability to work with you.


About Us

  • We are passionate people who loves what we do in technology, we keep ourselves focused on latest tools and technologies and world class processes.
  • YAN is people-oriented company always open to hear and implement the good practices.
  • We look at our customers as a partner to make success!
  • We believe doing business in collaboration.
  • Trust is a key to handshake with our partners!
YAN Team
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